Patrick Daney Coleman is a former professional baseball player (pitcher/outfielder) who recently became an aspiring actor as of last summer. He has been in a web series for three episodes and is currently cast in two movies, one of which filmed in November and the other that films at the end of March. Patrick was bitten by the acting bug while he was rehabbing from two major arm surgeries during his early years in college and states that he “cannot and will not stay away from the pursuit of Oscar glory in the near future”. Among Patrick’s many talents are accents of many different foreign different dialects such as Spanish, Russian, German (the country where he played professional baseball). He also is very skilled at impersonations for all ages, ranging from as old as Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight of yesteryear to as young as Elmo from Sesame Street and Kronk from “The Emperors New Groove” to name a few. He is very skilled at improvisation and is a very hard worker in every endeavor that he encounters and is thrilled to be part of our team!